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Ed van Haren lives in Almelo. He works as a visual artist from his art studio at home. He has been registered as an independent artist at ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ number: 08193382
Ed was born October 2nd 1951 in Bocholtz (south of the Netherlands). He is married to Lion, who was occupied as an employment expert. They have three children and five grandchildren.
In his free time Ed is a runner, plays classical guitar, tennis, and golf.

Ed has a bachelor degree in teaching and visual arts. Through the years he has taught various art classes to students in high school and college.

For his art  he finds his inspiration in nature. He plays with rotating surfaces  you’ll find in the turning of wings, hanging in the wind,  grass that bends under a drop of dew or an animal that twists its body. Solid and round shapes are followed by hollow shapes to give the sculpture a natural flow.
Ed starts his objects by making a rough shape gluing pieces of Okoumé* laminated timber together. Then he smoothes the wood playing with different layers in the plywood. Because he has glued the plywood in a certain way he can determine in advance where and how the lines of the layers will flow.
Then the shaped wood will be combined with other materials such as copper, brass, nylon and (mirror) glass completing the shape of the sculpture more and more.
By adding wear-resistant varnish the sculptures become durable.

*Okoumé is a hardwood type from Western-Africa. Botanical name: Aucoumea klaineana

Anneke and Ton, thanks for your help in translating